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Qualifying Energy Upgrades:

-Reduce your monthly Electricity bill up to 80%, or replace it with solar!

-Get FREE info on 30% tax credits and rebates, and FREE quotes

-Qualify for $0 down and no out of pocket expenses

-Get FREE installation and pay less than you do now

-Increase the value of your home, but not property taxes

-Protect yourself against rising energy costs (6.7% annually since 2000. 25% estimated in 2015)

-Eliminate your power bill, plus have some backup power during a power outage or blackout

-25 year warranty on your made-in-the U.S.A. PV Solar Panels and install workmanship

-Financed over 5, 10, 15 or 20 years (old power bill $250 is now $140 to pay off your new system)

We help you meet your energy upgrades, green products, and financing needs.

Energy Upgrades Benefits

Up to $6,500 in CA Rebates and a 30% Tax Credit*


100% Reducton in Electrical bill with solar panels and LED lights.


You can reduce heating and air-conditioning use by 20% to 60% by switching to high HVAC systems.


Efficient windows, doors, and skylights can reduce heating and air-conditioning bills by 15%.


With synthetic turf, homeowners can save about 50% of their water bills on average.

Energy Upgrades Programs


​-Solar Energy & Storage Batteries

-Lighting (e.g. light sources, fixtures, controls).

-Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (e.g. ducts, motors, fans, rooftop units, indoor environmental).

-Appliances, Equipment & Plug Loads (e.g. water heating, foodservice, electronics).

-Whole Building and Envelope (e.g. fenestration, windows, doors, skylights, simulation).

-Landscaping for Water Conservation, Shade, Windbreaks


Community-Scale (e.g. heat islands, cool roofs, walkable communities, environmental impacts of building materials).

Codes & Standards (Title 24 Buildings, Title 20 Appliances)
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