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We assess your energy use, consult and help get you financed for energy-efficiency upgrades, get you rebates on energy-efficient upgrades and can possibly get your solar panels installed for FREE. You eliminate your electric bill or make reduced payments over the years, and you own the system. $0 out-of-pocket!


Energy Upgrades can reduce heating and air-conditioning use by 20% to 60% by switching to high HVAC systems.
Energy upgrades of efficient windows, doors, and skylights can reduce heating and air-conditioning bills by 15%.
Energy upgrades with synthetic turf, homeowners can save about 50% of their water bills on average.
99% Reduction of electric bill with Solar
HERO Program
Commercial PACE


  • Many homeowners save thousands of dollars each year.

  • Avoid ever-increasing electricity rates and peak hour rates.

  • Studies show that homes with solar sell more quickly, for more than non-solar homes.

  • Government incentives can cut 30% or more off the complete installation cost.

  • No moving parts means minimal maintenance.

  • Our 25-year warranty leaves you worry-free.

  • Feel good about reducing the country’s need for nonrenewable resources. 

  • Withstand extreme environmental conditions while maintaining the integrity of your roof.

  • Can be installed on nearly any roof—sloped or flat.

  • Helps keep your home cooler in the summer by providing shade from the sun and warmer in the winter by creating a heat barrier.

  • Can help to offset utility costs of an electric vehicle charger for a truly clean-powered vehicle.



  • Insulation, Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, Heating & Cooling. Up to $6,500 available.

  • Water Heating. Up to $1,875 for a solar system.

  • Windows. Up to $2 per sq. ft.

  • ENERGY STAR® Appliances. Up to $150 per appliance.

  • Cool Roofs. Up to $.30 per sq. ft.

  • Pool Pumps. Up to $500.

  • WaterSense Water Fixtures & Toilets. Up to $125 per fixture.

  • WaterSense Irrigation Systems. 50% of cost up to $1,400; $150 for smart controllers.

  • Drought-­Resistant Plants. 50% of cost up to $1,400; up to $60 for each tree and $.30/sq. ft. for synthetic turf

  • Rain Gutters, Barrels and Cisterns. Up to $500 per item

  • *Rebates and Funding is available until depleted, on a first-come first-serve basis. Estimated to expire June 2016.
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