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Local Workshops

Free workshop that teaches people how to utilize public money to decrease their costs. A monthly 30-minute workshop for homeowners that will be helpful and educational. Helping the customer save money and have a more comfortable home.


Energy Upgrades Workshops

  • “Free Workshop for Homeowners on how to Utilize Government Money to Help Decrease your Heating Bills”

  • “10 ways you’re Wasting Money on your Home”

  • “How to Decrease your Heating Bills by 70%”

  • Free homeowner workshop: preparing your home for winter

  • Utilizing government money to save you money this winter

  • Investing in your home to get high returns at low risk

  • 10 Reasons you’re paying too much for energy

  • Making your home more comfortable and paying less for energy

  • Get strong financial returns with little risk

  • Be a responsible citizen.



  • Where most of the operating money is used in a house.

  • An emphasis on easy things they can do themselves–weather stripping, air sealing, lights, power strips.

  • Go over the basics of energy audits, how geothermal, solar thermal, solar pv, or whatever worsk, and weatherizing, and how it can save a ton of money.

  • Quick solutions but each will run through this same pattern: A) Where the technolgoy works (remember self-qualificiation), landing needed, roof orietnations, building characteristics. B) How they increase the comfort and durability of your home C) the financial benefits of each technology. If you invest in XX technology, what are your typical returns.

  • Government incentives available and how to homeowners can use them.

  • Provide CLEAR NEXT STEPS. If a potential customer is interested I need to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR what their next step is.

  • Ask them if they have any questions. Make sure to provide plenty of time for anyone with questions.



  • Insulation, Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, Heating & Cooling. Up to $6,500 available.

  • Water Heating. Up to $1,875 for a solar system.

  • Windows. Up to $2 per sq. ft.

  • ENERGY STAR® Appliances. Up to $150 per appliance.

  • Cool Roofs. Up to $.30 per sq. ft.

  • Pool Pumps. Up to $500.

  • Water Fixtures & Toilets. Up to $125 per fixture.

  • Irrigation Systems. 50% of cost up to $1,400; $150 for smart controllers.

  • Drought-­Resistant Plants. 50% of cost up to $1,400; up to $60 for each tree and $.30/sq. ft. for synthetic turf

  • Rain Gutters, Barrels and Cisterns. Up to $500 per item


Getting Feedback

  • What do people respond to? Watching the crowd as I make the presentation, their faces, their head nodes, are they falling asleep?

  • What are people asking questions about? What do they not understand? What do they want to know more about?

  • What makes people come and talk with me after the presentation?

  • My hunch: There are going to be a few points that either 1) confusing people or 2) get them really interested in investing in a project. The goal will be to decrase 1 and increase 2.

Future marketing?

  • Get pictures and customer testomonials to the workshop increasing the credibility.

  • Record the presentation and create video for prospective customers to help educate them before I make a sale visit, so the time will be more productive and have a greater chance of leading to a sale.

  • Put the presentation on a landing page (unbouce.com) that will have people fill a form to get a site visit.

  • Run a local google adwords campaign for just my zip code (91789) and direct people to the landing page.


Green Home Agents help customers:

  • Buy a fixer-upper in a neighborhood that you thought was out of reach

  • Find money-saving opportunities that other agents may overlook

  • Define your needs and goals, from location to layout, comfort, and health

  • Access financing to roll home improvement costs into your mortgage

  • Get rebates for green upgrades to save on bills, increase resale value

  • Identify ways to improve any home's health and safety


*Green Home Agents are licensed professionals with all the skills and experience you expect, plus the latest knowledge on green, healthy homes. They've taken the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation training, which is endorsed by a local government organization, The Energy Network.